Time to reflect

Hello and welcome to our New Year Blog

We hope you have enjoyed the festivities and have made the most of your well earned break (if you had one)

Our final job before Christmas was to deliver a Christmas present from a husband to a wife on the 23rd December. Luckily he didn’t want it wrapped as it was an upright piano! Funny thing is although we move pianos throughout the year there is definitely a seasonal rush every year to get them in place before Christmas. I guess this tells us that not everybody falls asleep in front of the TV on Christmas day and there must be a few families keeping up the age old tradition of gathering around the ‘Old Joanna’ for a sing song!

2014 has seen Alltranz develop further with our new lorry bespoke built and on the road for May 1st, giving us more versatility for the everyday moves but also making our storage services more efficient, as we can now load direct from your property into our storage pallets on the vehicle. It also gives us the ability to load more than 1 job at a time with side loading doors as well as rear. This is something we made the most of recently with two removals to Devon and Cornwall.

In the last 12 months we have travelled as far south as Milan, Italy, North as far as Ayr Scotland, West to Crossgates Mid Wales, East to Cromer with loads in between.

There are signs of a very busy year ahead with phones ringing not only Christmas Eve but all days in between Christmas and New Year aswell. We have even had quote to do over the break along with 1 small door to door move.

We have our 1st move back on Friday January 2nd and a full week planned from the 5th – which is unheard of! Massive signs which just goes to prove how buoyant the housing market is right now.

Finally we would just like to wish all our past, present and future customers a healthy and wealthy 2015